our experience supports us

more than 20 years as a company

who we are?


It was originally constituted by three engineers who today have more than 29 years of experience and career path, with extensive knowledge and expertise in engineering and telecommunications projects.

Their excursion in the private world was imposed as a great challenge that they wanted to tackle through the constitution of our society called “LAMTELEC” which to date has been in existence for 20 years, and with a wide and recognized presence in the field of engineering in telecommunications. Our years of experience allow us to deliver excellent work, which we carry out with great commitment, dedication and responsibility.

Currently our company is made up of a group of professionals from different areas; engineers, civil constructor, draftsmen, computer scientists, specialists in external plant, administrative, field assistants, all highly prepared and qualified to attend large projects in the required areas, to which is added an adequate logistical and technological team that it allows precision and better handling of the times that our clients value highly.

We serve engineering projects in general, the design, development, administration, supervision; but also telecommunications, electrical and other projects, however we have acquired great knowledge in external plant, fiber optic, network projects, and also in the development of projects in accordance with the new polyducts law.

Over the years we have taken on important projects that impose new challenges, which has not been an obstacle for our team, with its knowledge and great preparation, to assume the commitment and deliver the best of itself for the complete satisfaction of our clients, all of which has made possible the good prestige and recognition that our company has today.

Our mission

Provide the best of us to deliver to our clients an excellent job, with commitment, seriousness and responsibility, that promotes and encourages the trust of our relationship.

Try to deliver the best solution in the projects or challenges in which we participate, to allow our clients to obtain the satisfaction they expect, because they matter to us, we value them and we want to keep in touch with them.

To achieve this, we seek to improve more and more so that our clients get what they expect and much more.

Why choose us?

We have highly qualified people, with vast experience and the necessary technology to provide the best solution to your important projects.