We do projects throughout Chile, however, the projects of the regions must be previously evaluated.

We only build the internal plant projects, that is, what corresponds to supply large customers by installing a switch, router, media converter, etc.

In relation to the external plant, we do not do its construction since we only do the engineering projects related to the services we provide.

Yes, we also provide construction supervision services for external plant engineering projects made by our company or by an external company.

We are not currently focused on that area.

We deliver the projects in digital file, with their respective cubing

Yes, we can also make an estimated or approximate valuation of the construction of a telecommunication project that you intend to do, considering the information of the project, the infrastructure to be used, its need or other variables.

Our engineering projects do not include obtaining administrative permits. However, permits from public or private entities, for example, “Serviu, Municipalities, electricity companies or others, can be managed by us, annexed to the project, if the client requests it.

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